Monday, February 15, 2010

Picking Up From Where I Left Off

I'm not sure if I have any friends left in the blogging world. I have been on a really extended leave of absence from blogging (almost two years). People were getting sick in my family and they still are, to be honest. But I just have to get away from being around sick people even if only for a few minutes so I decided to revisit my old blog. So here I am typing away. It's a welcome relief from all the sickness that seem to have been enveloping my whole world these past couple of years. Blogging again might just be the break that I need. There are times when I feel really low due to all the stress. It is really exhausting to have to be the strong one for everyone. There are times when I feel I am going to go insane. Sitting down in front of my computer and writing will help relieve me of my stress. It will provide me with a few minutes of time for myself away from all the worries. So I hope you will all welcome me back as you did a couple of years ago when I debuted in the blogging world. Heads up to all my past friends and to those who will soon be my friends.