Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Frustrated and Fuming

I've been blogging for about a week now. I have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying it. So imagine my frustration when I was all ready and excited to write my new post and I can't get through. Our internet service provider was doing some repair with its international cable consortium so the service was down. That's frustrating with a capital F. After several hours, the internet came on. Finally. I was all set again. I checked my mailbox first. After several minutes, it was get and go to write my new post. And lo and behold! The internet was gone again. I felt like wringing the neck of someone but what can you do? So instead of writing about educating our children about sex, here I am griping about our internet server. Changing providers is not much help. I've asked around and those who are using other servers all have nothing good to say about their service providers. So what's a blogger to do. Twiddle her thumbs and wait and fume. Boy, am I fuming! Got to finish this post fast and post it even faster. You never know when the internet server is going to go pffft on me again.


Liza said...

Oooops, not with my provider, lol. Try destiny, yun na ata ang pinaka ok dito. Parang paid post na naman ito hehe.

Sorry ngayun lang ako nakabalik, ginawa ko pa yung 'seeds' post ko eh.


manilenya said...

That always happened to me ate gigi and imagine I have no internet here in my room in one's totally devastating on my part since I have no social life other than blogging :(

thanks for the prayers :) pls give my regards to tatay joel and ate liza :)

sasha said...

Ay that's sad naman, tita. I am using Bayantel. Ok naman pero 2x na sila nawala. Yung isa matagal. Pero what I do naman kasi, I have a back up prepaid internet card. Kaskas at dial-up hehe... Or kung talagang wala, punta muna ng internet cafe :)

P.S. Ano po yung ituturo ko sa inyo? :) Yun nga palang msg nyo sa tagboard, you can always find me sa sasha-says ko na blog and sa utopia rin hehe