Monday, March 10, 2008

Time Out

I have been unable to blog for more than a week now. My children are having their examinations and I have to prepare them. I managed to make a couple of articles to post but that is about all the time I have. I will be back in full force after Easter but I will try to squeeze in a few minutes every now and then just to take a peek. I miss you all! HAPPY EASTER!!! in advance, dear friends.


Max said...

Hello Gigi!

I missed you too! :D
But I fully understand that you must prepare your mom did the same with us :D!
Good luck for them *crossing my fingers*!

Happy Easter, dear :D!


eli said...

ako po ay nagpupugay sa kadakilaan ng isang ina! mabuhay.

sasha said...

Hi tita! Oks lang po yan. Mas important ang exams kesa bloghopping hehe... Happy Wednesday po and good luck sa exams ng kids! :)

Amel's Realm said...

Hi, Gigi!

Take care and I'll see you back later. Your post on "endurance" is WONDERFUL. One thing is for sure when I read the post: happiness has nothing to do with wealth he he he...

manilenya said...

hello ate gigi!! happy easter dyan :)

kerslyn said...

hello mommy gi...ur children are so lucky to have u as their mom and tutor at the same time.

JO-N said...

Hi Gigi, I have not been able to visit your blog since my children take turns to fall ill. Now that I'm back, it's your turn to take a break. Never mind, I will wait til you return. Meanwhile, all the best to your children.

Choc Mint Girl said...

Hi, Gigi! Don't worry! Take good care and Happy Easter to you!!! :)

Mommy Ruby said...

don't worry! we are always here for you.

Pinay Mommy

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