Monday, March 10, 2008

When Endurance Fails

Everyday we hear the stories of everyday heroes who, by sheer endurance, conquer all obstacles just to survive. In a third world country like the Philippines just putting food on the table is a feat. Millions of families survive day by day on a daily allowance of $5 or even less. Considering that the average size of the Filipino family is 4.5, that amounts to a little more than a dollar per person per family.

I continue to be amazed at how millions of Filipinos manage to smile despite all these odds. I wonder to myself where they get the endurance to get through all these and still manage to be happy. Such is the strength of the Filipino.

Where does he get this? The answer is faith. The Filipino has extreme and absolute faith that in the end, everything will be alright. He is absolutely sure that at the end of his strength, he can rely on the helping hand of God who will take him beyond himself and conquer.

A salute to the Filipino spirit! It is well-deserved. In the light of the prevailing political and economic situation of our country, we will conquer. Gloria in all her evil glory cannot bring you down. Good always conquers evil. We will conquer the devil in MalacaƱang!


Lyn said...

That was a heart warming post, I loved it and so true... you take care and blessings to you and yours... we miss you too... lots of love and hugs and :)))))

Joliber Mapiles said...

What a post.. Filipinos are indeed great.. Meron pang banat sa ending...hehhehe... mzta na po?

Sindi said...

This post was so inspirational. It made me look at my own life and see that I should be thankful for everthing I have and never take my friends, life and even food for granted. Thank you:)