Sunday, February 3, 2008

Love and Hate Tag

Liza tagged me on this. I was asked to list down the things I love and the things I hate. So, here goes . . . .

The things I LOVE are . . . . . . . .
  • God above all else.
  • My children. They come first, naturally.
  • My family, that is, my parents, siblings and their families.
  • My husband. Not necessarily in this order, he he he.
  • Food, oh glorious food.
  • Christmas. For me, it's the season of love, not Valentine's day.
  • Cross stitch and hardanger-my favorite hobbies.
  • Malling, my way of unwinding.
  • Olive, our shih tzu, and all our birds. They give me so much pleasure.
  • My latest passion-blogging!
The things I HATE are . . . . . .
  • Corrupt politicians, specially Gloria Arroyo and her ohh so greedy husband Mike, the pig and her eldest son Mikey, the crocodile.
  • Poverty. I wish I had the power to eradicate it.
  • Greed. It is the devil's weapon against all that is good.
  • Narrow-mindedness.
  • Abuse of women and children.
  • Racial prejudice.
  • Oppression, in any form.
  • All the hoopla about Britney Spears. She obviously needs professional help so please let her sort things out in private. Same with Paris Hilton, and all the rest of them Hollywood brats who obviously lack in parental guidance.
  • Apathy. It is our moral obligation to be involved.
  • Parents who tolerate their children's bad behavior. Parents who plant the seed of greed and love of money and possessions on their children. I see it everyday.
This tag is a good idea because it gives us insights on the individuals doing the tag. I would love to see what sasha, manilenya, and juliana are going to list down.


nyumix said...

I got this meme from Liza too. Thanks for dropping by in my blog. Let's exchange link. :)

a simple life said...

Thanks for participating ate, kaya lang forget mo ilink ang mga names namin hehe.

Hala... passion mo na rin ang blogging, sabi ko na sa yo it's contagious eh hehe.

kakainis, sira pc namin sa room, dito ako ke Paz nakikigulo, hindi ko tuloy nagawa weekend snapshot ko, sobrang malas ko today, wala nang page rank wala pang pc huhuhu.

Juliana RW said...

i will post this tag tomorrow i think :D