Monday, February 25, 2008

Remembering EDSA 1

In celebration of the first People Power Revolution, I am appealing to Gloria Arroyo, her family, her cabinet, the Senate and Congress, all the mayors and their respective councils, and the barangay captains to please remember the spirit that made that historic event happen. Stop all your evil doings. Stop abusing the power which your constituents gave you to enrich yourselves. Matakot kayo sa Diyos! There is always a payback time. What is painful is that more often than not, God hits you where it hurts the most. Most of the time, it is your children or grandchildren who will pay the dues you owe to society. If you love your family, do not make them pay for all your evil works. Gloria, your children are hopeless. So God will not punish you through them. But your small grandchildren are very small. Do you want them to pay for the evil you, your husband and your children have done? Maawa ka sa kanila. Believe me, God will find retribution for all your sins and they will probably be the ones who will be hit the most. If you are planning to tape another "I am sorry" act, please don't. Gastado na yan! Admit your mistakes and like Erap, do your time. Make your co-thieves do the same. Congressmen, stop your boot-licking. Tapos na ang panahon ni Gloria. Gusto na namin siyang patayin! Baka sa sobrang gigil ng tao, bumuo na kami ng liquidation squad na susugpo sa mga tiwaling opisyales ng pamahalaan. Di na lang NPA at MILF ang magiging problema niyo! May vigilante squad pa na pagod na sa mga magnanakaw na kagaya niyo! Baka imbes na non-violent reform ang itawag namin, a call to civil revolt na. Kayo rin! Huwag niyong hintaying mapuno ang salop. Nakakapagod na kayo at ang inyong kawalanghiyaan. Even peaace-loving people like me are enraged. Matakot kayo sa mga taong tahimik. Matinik sila kung magalit. At di ako nag-iisa. Marami na kami. At patuloy na dumadami hangga't patuloy kayo sa inyong kawalanghiyaan. Sa aking mga kapwa Pilipino, na alam kong gising na gising na, iparinig niyo ang inyong hinaing. Organize yourself into groups and fight corruption. This is the only way for the Philippines to reach the greatness it so deserves. We deserve good governance because we are a basically good people. Do not allow yourselves to be pulled down by these evil men in government. We deserve the best because we are one of the best. Like Ninoy said, "The Filipino is worth dying for." Do not let his death come to naught because those who came after him are the devil's "pakawala." Unite! Be heard!

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