Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Take on Jun Lozada's Expose on the ZTE Scandal

Since Mr. Jun Lozada came out with his expose on the NBN-ZTE broadband deal, I have been trying to stop myself from making a comment about it on my blog. Because really, it concerns only the Philippines. And not all bloggers are Filipinos. Somehow, I felt it inappropriate a venue to air my views on corruption in the Philippine government.

Upon deeper reflection, however, I have had to change my view. After all, Filipino politicians do not have a monopoly on corruption in government. It would be naive to think that. It happens everywhere and we see news of these things happening even and perhaps, more importantly, in first world countries like the U.S.A.

A lot of Filipinos are saying that all these exposes will come to naught anyway, so why bother talking about it. Even if Arroyo steps down, whoever comes after her will do just as she and her cohorts have done, enrich themselves while in power. Corruption will remain long after the Arroyos leave Malacañang.

The truth is, I am convinced that corruption will be present whoever is in power. But that is not the point, is it? We allow these people to steal from our country when we keep quiet about it. Nothing will change if we do not do something about it. The silent majority have to be heard. We have to show our disgust. And the time is NOW!

Gloria cheated her way to the presidency. That much is clear. She continues to cheat us via her husband's and her children's money-making activities at the expense of all of us. And our response to all these wrongdoing is a shrug of our shoulders because voicing out our disgust is not going to change anything anyway!? Really now?!?! Enough! One thing is clear to me. I am as much to blame for the rape of the Philippine economy by my choice not to say anything. Apathy, not Gloria, is the root of our problems. Change is in our hands, not the government's. We can make it happen if we determine to make it happen. Mr. Lozada placed the ball in our hands. What happens next is our choice.


A Simple Life said...

Tama ka. Kahit sino umupo dyan, ganun at ganun pa rin. Kaya hirap talaga tayong makabangon eh.

On jun Lozada. I admire the guy, nakakatuwa kase napaka-witty nya. I pity him too, kawawa naman pati pamilya nya.

Happy weekend te.

Mommy Reese said...

i've heard about the news, and i must admit that i feel that it doesn't concern me -directly. i'm not the one being hounded by the media or even the gunned men in the government, but on my own right, people at the office see me as a bitch. simply because when i see something wrong i point it out -point blank. people wince when i say words, some shake their heads and some thinks that i'm too honestly mistaken by what im doing. as a result i don't have much friend at work. i guess, it's because people don't want to get so much attention and be the one "left behind" by the majority..they're afraid of losing people's approval or something like that goes with people pleasing and wanting to be accepted

Max said...

Hey WS;

Shocking...corruption is shocking! And I can tell you that it is everywhere!! I usually speak of this theme when referring to Africa because the word corruption screams out loud over there *nodding*!

Anyway, I came because you have been awarded, dear:


Lyn said...

Yes, politics and corruption seem to be like hand in glove. It is a shame, and, yes, too many simply accept it. We do not have to accept it, except that few are willing to stand for their rights in any country of the world, including the USA. People here are fed up but do they do anything? No, they moan and complain but, a mass cry to the government will never be heard... Shame... I feel as you do, it is getting difficult to keep quiet and accept... great post... :)))

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